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Liven Up Your Event with Astonishing Dance Floor and Up Lighting!

Up Lighting Services

Ready to add an extra touch of pizzazz to your event? Our up lighting and dance floor lighting are sure to take your event space to the next level. While guests are mingling, socializing, and eating dinner, our up lights will provide accent lighting to your venue's walls and ceilings and remain a static color. When dancing comes however, we can set our up lights into dance mode so that you can host a crazy and wild illuminated party that will keep your guests talking! (and dancing!). Up lights can be added to any event! 12 - 24 wireless Up lights are available! Additional wired up lights can be added if needed!

Dance Floor Lighting Services

Up Lighting will light up your event space walls, but what about the ever important dance floor? Our dance floor lights are aimed directly at your dance floor to keep the party vibe going all night long. Like our up lighting, dance floor lighting can be added to any event! You can add both of these amazing packages to your next event and if you add both, we'll knock 75% off the cost of dance floor lighting!


Exceed your guest's expectations!

With all the work you put into making your event space pop, let us do the working of giving it that extra flare!

Up Lights are a fun and popular addition to any event, especially weddings! Leave your guests talking about the music AND the lighting!


Bundle & Save

Bundle any of the following services with this service and save! 

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